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West Chester Pro-Clean Services is a full-service cleaning company based in Wilmington, Delaware, providing janitorial maintenance and expert floor cleaning specialists. We are a single source for commercial and industrial businesses that need convenient and efficient cleaning. Our company also serves schools, churches, health care facilities, and fitness facilities.

For more than 25 years, the goal of our family and locally owned company has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive rates. We are uniquely positioned to provide customers with these critical services so they can effectively manage their building maintenance operations.

Customer Satisfaction is always our top priority.
Since 1987, West Chester Pro-Clean has continued to exceed customer expectations and supply the highest quality products and services. Our belief in customer satisfaction is the foundation that helps shape the company's vision for progress, giving our customers the tools to achieve their goals.

We maintain our leadership in the field through total employee involvement and teamwork. The owner, Guy Cianci, personally approves each job to ensure your satisfaction. Every employee takes pride in maintaining the company's reputation making sure each job is done right.

Our hope is that your confidence in our abilities to meet your expectations will make you a customer for life and recommend us to your friends and families. We have great reviews from previous customers, and the majority of our clients are repeat customers.

Floor Cleaning Specialists Based in Wilmington, Delaware

Marble & Terrazzo Floors

Sometimes the most beautiful floors are also the most easily damaged. At West Chester Pro-Clean Services, we specialize in marble and terrazzo floor cleaning that is both thorough and safe.

Carpet & Upholstery

Do-it-yourself machines only get the dirt on the surface without providing the deep clean you get with professionals. Learn more about our highly effective carpet and upholstery cleaning. 

Janitoral Services

All types of commercial and industrial companies can turn to West Chester Pro-Clean Services for flexible janitorial services. We do floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, air vents, and more.

Marble & terrazo floors

Trust the floor cleaning specialists at West Chester Pro-Clean Services to restore even the most delicate types of flooring. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, and servicing the tri-stated area, our company has the experience and equipment to perform safe marble and terrazzo floor cleaning.

Careful Cleaning for Your Beautiful Floors

Marble and terrazzo floors are very fragile and often found in old cathedrals, churches, municipal buildings, and schools. They have open pores that absorb dirt and can be difficult to clean because of their fragility.

Our specialists strip, clean, wax, and buff these types of floors. We use buffers, burnishers, and different cleaning agents, including environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We can also polish wood for places like schools and churches.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your carpets and upholstery in tip-top shape with the floor cleaning specialists from West Chester Pro-Clean Services. 

Keep Your Carpets Clean

A carpet that appears clean can have as much as a pound of dirt per square yard. Two thousand dust mites can live in an ounce of carpet dust, and an industrial carpet is seven times dirtier than a city street. Deep cleaning can clean 80 to 90 percent of dust and allergens from your carpet.

Our crews utilize a variety of carpet cleaning equipment, including steam cleaning and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. We put down a dirt and dust inhibitor solution during the carpet cleaning process, which should be applied twice a year. To prolong the life of your carpets, you should clean visible dirt daily and have them deep cleaned twice a year. We can also clean area rugs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Using steam and environmentally friendly chemicals, we can clean all types of upholstery, such as cotton, polyester, and microfiber commonly found in business settings. Our upholstery cleaning methods remove all types of stains and odors from your upholstery, including:

  • Ink
  • Tar
  • Grease
  • Coffee
  • Blood Stains
  • Mildew

Janitorial Services

At West Chester Pro-Clean Services in Wilmington, Delaware, we are known for being floor cleaning specialists, but we also offer professional janitorial services. Our hard-working staff maintains flexible cleaning schedules and utilizes green cleaning solutions. Emergency cleaning services are also available.

Janitorial Maintenance Programs

With a large inventory of janitorial supplies and the ability to deliver services the next day, we can design and tailor a program to fit your building maintenance needs. We will come and sit down with you to help design the most effective program for you and your customers.

Determining the size of the office, amount of traffic, number of employees, and daily visitors, we will help create a custom maintenance program. West Chester Pro-Clean Services accommodates all kinds of businesses including:

• General Offices
• Health Care Facilities
• Schools, Preschools and Day Cares
• Auto Dealerships
• Industrial Parks
• Fitness Centers
• Warehouses

Professional Janitorial Services

** Our professional janitorial services are provided in the context of commericial and industrial businesses only. 

• Air Vents, Registers, and Returns Cleaning
• Blind Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Cleaning and Dusting Desktops
• Computer Room Cleaning
• Disinfecting Point of Contact Surfaces
• Dust and Damp Mopping
• Emptying All Trash Receptacles
• General Damp Wiping

• Glass and Window Cleaning
• Hard Surface Floor Care
• High and Low Dusting
• Cafeteria and Staff Lounge Cleaning
• Light Bulb Replacement
• Pressure Washing of Exterior Spaces
• Restroom Sanitizing and Disinfecting
• Vacuuming

Why Choose Us?

We're Locally Owned

For more than 25 years we have been a staple of the Wilmington cummunit. The goal of our family and locally owned company has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive rates. 

We're Punctual

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and this include valuing your time. Every employee takes pride in maintaining the company's reputation making sure each job is done right.

We Have the Best Equipment

You can trust in our methods, experience, and equipment. Not only do we have a large inventory of the latest janitorial supplies but we also utilize environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. 

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